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I had an idea that since many of us have our moments when we just want to make sims but don’t know what kind to make, why not make one of those challengey things out of it!

Just a fun little challenge/prompt to do whenever you want :)

Tag your posts 30daysofsimmaking so…

I am quite fond of toddler Terry’s bedroom. The green nursery is prepared for the upcoming second baby, so little Terry is free to move into his own purple room. His favorite color is lilac, and I kind of ran with it.

I remember getting my first bed instead of a crib, when I was a wee babe. It’s probably one of my earliest memories. There was a Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck beadspread that I had until I was about 18.

He’s got his mom’s hair and jawline and dad’s bright blue eyes. I’d thought he would get his grandma’s brown eyes, but nope! They’re just really dark as babies with the default I’m using, I guess.

Cell phones ruining beautiful family moments… :|

Babies. ;)
Well, at least you’re not mad about the news…

At least I always wanted a big family.